Fence Cleaning Services in Tampa, FL

You work hard to keep your lawn and yard beautiful, and your fence shouldn’t detract from that and ruin your hard work. Hage Fence Repair of Tampa Bay is here to get that part of your property as sparkling as the rest of it. Our fence cleaning services in Tampa, FL, are unparalleled in quality, efficiency, and friendliness.

Whether your fence is fading, covered in algae, or moldy, we have the equipment and knowledge to make it like new. A visit from us can affect an impressive transformation and even boost your curb appeal. Imagine having that warm, rich glow again and being rid of that shabby grey that shows its age.

Our Fence Staining Services Bring Long-Term Benefits

Having us come by for pressure washing and staining does more than give your fence a cosmetic makeover. Routine staining and cleaning can significantly increase your fence’s lifespan, especially when it’s dealing with the Florida sunshine. UV damage can be rough on wood fencing, as can rain, pesticides, and fertilizers. Staining mitigates this problem affordably.

Investing in the services of a trained fence cleaning contractor can spare you from having to replace your fence prematurely or having to feel embarrassed about an ugly eyesore in your yard. We can also perform fence repair, replacement, and restoration as needed. Everything your fence requires can come from us. Play it safe and hire the pros to avoid paying more money for lower quality.

Contact us to have your fence cleaned the way it should be. We do the job properly to meet our standards and exceed yours.