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Fencing Contractors in Pinellas County

Fences are one of the most coveted property aspects, setting boundaries with neighbors, keeping out animal and human trespassers, and providing protection and privacy for kids, pets, and yards. Keeping them well-maintained and beautiful is in every homeowner’s best interested, and that is our mission at Hage Fencing Restoration & Repairs. Our family owned and operated fence company in St. Petersburg, FL, offers fast and friendly repair and replacement for all models and materials. Call our experts, and we will get your fence standing strong.

Our goal is to save gates and fences wherever possible, so you avoid paying for replacement costs. You would be surprised at what we can fix and our fencing contractors in St. Petersburg, FL, are versatile enough to handle both vinyl and wood fencing. We also offer replacement services when repair is not possible. Our fencing contractors in Pinellas County ensure the replacement matches the current fence and is satisfactory.

High-Caliber Cleaning and Staining Services

One of the best ways to keep your fence standing guard over your yard is to have it stained and cleaned on a regular basis. Our fencing contractors in St. Petersburg, FL, will happily do this for you, giving every last board a substantial shine. Not only is this process good for your fence, but it is great for your property value as well. Staining retains the beautiful color and keeps your asset from taking on that dull, faded look of old fences. Better color and condition means a higher curb appeal for your whole home.

Just like houses and cars, fences need to be cleaned and regularly repaired as well. A job like that is essential to your safety and shouldn’t be left to the amateurs. Call our fencing contractors in Pinellas County, and you can be assured that your property’s protection is in good hands.

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