Fence Repair in St. Petersburg, FL

Fences can be significant investments, and we believe you should not have to shell out for a replacement every time your existing one starts to decline. A much easier and more cost-effective option is to hire professional fence repair in St. Petersburg, FL, from Hage Fencing Restoration & Repairs. Protecting and repairing your current fence, gate, or post can save you bundles and be completed much quicker when you hire our contractors. We can do any job you need and offer honest assessments on whether repair or replacement is the way to go.

Post and Fence Replacement

Posts break and bend over time, and allowing us to replace them serves to safeguard what’s around them. Each of our team members is equipped with the training and tools to handle posts safely without causing harm to the rest of the fence. Let us know what kind of style and material you are looking for, and we will have it installed in pristine condition.

We are the resource for everything fence repair in Pinellas County. Though we can work with any material, we specialize in white vinyl privacy fencing and wood privacy fencing for commercial and residential purposes. Our service takes care of all of your needs. From minor repairs to full fence restoration, we can do every job you need and more!

Contact us for repairs on your wood and vinyl fencing in St. Petersburg, FL, at an affordable rate. We serve the homeowners of Pinellas County.